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Every student has the right to be respected and the responsibility to respect others. Scottsdale Unified School District and its Governing Board are committed to provide a learning environment that is free from harassment or bullying in any form.

All individuals associated with this District including, but not limited to, administration, employees, students, and members of the public while on campus, are expected to conduct themselves at all times so as to provide a working and educational atmosphere free from harassment.
SUSD is committed to:
  • Providing information and continuous training for its administrators and staff  members through regular meetings to ensure that they understand the policy and its importance.
  • Making all faculty members, staff members, students, and parents aware of this policy and the commitment of the District toward its strict enforcement.
  • Remaining watchful for conditions that create or may lead to a hostile or offensive school environment.
  • Establishing programs and practices designed to create a school and working environment free from discrimination and harassment.
What Should I do If My Child is Bullied or Cyber bullied?
I am pleased to announce that our Scottsdale Leadership project team (Class XXV) has created a cyber bullying curriculum for Middle School students. The curriculum is designed to teach three effective bystander strategies; we call them the 3 R's. We want to share these specific strategies with parents so that they can be practiced and reinforced at home.

Why focus on bystanders?

Research suggests that if bystanders or witnesses are taught to properly intervene, they can stop bullying 50% of the time in less than 10 seconds. Pretty powerful, right? Also, kids are the ones on the frontline; bystanders are typically the first to witness acts of bullying. Many kids are reluctant to tell adults for fear of making it worse or shame in not being able to handle it.

Bystander Strategies: The 3 R's

Recognize Bullying and Cyber bullying
  • Teach kids to recognize what bullying and cyber bullying is and when it is likely to happen
  • To not accept bad behavior as normal
  • To identify various types of bullying
Reach Out and Stand Up 
  • Teach kids direct ways to stand up to bullying when they witness it
  • To reach out to support kids that have been bullied after the fact (more indirect strategies)
  • Let them know they are not alone
Report Bullying 
  • Tell a trusted adult (i.e., a parent, counselor, teacher, or administrator)
  • Report cyber bullying directly to the sites where it occurred
  • Block any offenders
  • Don't pass on mean or offensive messages or posts
  • Keep record of offensive texts or posts
  • Bullying Incident Complaint/Harassment Report Form
We would like parents, teachers, and administrators to reinforce these bystander strategies and role play specific scenarios both in school and at home. Role playing scenarios enable kids to practice exactly what to do and say in stressful situations. Students that have practiced these strategies are more likely to stand up if a bullying or cyber bullying situation arises.
Please practice the 3 R bystander strategies with your child. Below are two role-play scenarios for you to get started. 
  1. A mother is walking by her son while he is on the computer and notices that he keeps hiding the screen when she walks by. Upon further observation, the mother sees that he is reading a thread of offensive, derogatory remarks about another student.
A new girl moves to your child's school and one of the current students becomes jealous of her and creates a hateful website intended to make fun of her. She asks your child and all of her friends to join. 

As part of the new Arizona Bullying Law A.R.S. §341(A)(37) (,

the Scottsdale Unified School District (SUSD) is continuing the implementation of the Enhanced Social Skills Program (ESSP) which is designed primarily for bullying behavior offenders and their parents to attend together. It will be used as an educational diversion program for students exhibiting bullying behaviors.

This program is also designed to promote partnerships between schools and families in the effort to reduce bullying behaviors in our schools. The program requires students and a parent/caregiver to attend two, 3 hours sessions.
The ESSP will provide students and families social and emotional skills in order to reduce bullying behavior. The program curriculum is designed to build the following skills: empathy, verbal and non-verbal communication, social conflict and problem solving skills, and identifying resources for support. Social responsibility strategies for students who witness bullying behavior, parents’ role in modeling behavior for their children, and effective parent-child communication strategies will also be taught.
Bullying behavior is defined as acts of repeated aggression where one or more students physically, psychologically, sexually, or virtually harass or harm other students repeatedly over a period of time. Bullying behavior may include physical acts of aggression as well as persistent teasing, taunting, threats, and/or social exclusion. Acts of bullying are unprovoked and the bully is perceived as stronger, older, bigger, or as having more power or a higher social status than the victim. The ESSP is an early intervention program and is not designed for chronic offenders.
Saguaro High School or Ingleside Middle School
October: Tues., Oct. 23 & Thurs., Oct. 25
Ingleside Middle School
November: Tues., Nov. 27 & Thurs., Nov. 29
Saguaro High School
January: Tues., Jan. 29 & Thurs., Jan. 31
Ingleside Middle School
February: Tues., Feb. 19 & Thurs., Feb. 21
Saguaro High School
March: Tues., Mar. 26 & Thurs., Mar. 28
Ingleside Middle School
April: Tues., Apr. 30 & Thurs., May 2
Saguaro High School
If you have specific questions about referrals, the program, or to register please contact:

Dr. Dana Sherman at


 Dr. Milissa Sackos
Executive Director of Student Services and Grants

Bullying Incident Complaint/Harassment Report Form
La intimidación de Incidentes Queja / Acoso Formulario de Informe
Parent Resources

Student Violence/ Harassment/ Intimidation/Bulling 
(Policy JICK)
SUSD Bullying Information Flyer
Bullying Awareness
Enhanced Social Skills Program (ESSP)
Non Discrimination Policy
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